Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creative "To-Do" List Gift!

A coworker made the most creative gift that I wanted to share with you.

She took an 8x10 picture frame, inserted a sheet of scrapbook paper, added a bow, and VOILA and creative and useful gift!

A dry erase marker can be used to write down notes to your family, to-do's, grocery lists, and much more!

One Organized Mama

Monday, December 17, 2012

Makin' A List And Checkin' It Twice!

While in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle don't forget the power of keeping lists!

This helps me stay on track with time, money, and energy! (Remember the culprits of organizing?)

During this season I keep lists in the following categories:

    • Recipients Name
    • Gift(s) to be purchased
    • Don't forget host gifts for holiday parties.
    • Amount to spend on each gift
    • Check off as you go!
    • Menu of quick and easy meals for busy nights
    • Holiday meals w/ ingredient list for shopping
    • Baking list w/ ingredient list for shopping
    • Parties- Dates, times, and what to wear/bring
    • Children's activities along with what to buy/wear/bring
    • Family traditions-driving to see Holiday lights-w/ date/time
    • Items to be packed
    • List of items to bring (itinerary, confirmation codes, gifts, etc)
    • To Do's- pay for luggage fees, coordinate pet sitter, confirming reservations, etc
    • Photos to be used if any
    • List of recipients with current addresses
    • Check off as you go!
 I personally LOVE notebooks and carry one with me at all times. That way I can keep all of my list's in one place and get stuff done on my lunch break or waiting in line to pick up kids from school.

May you all have a wonderful stress-free holiday season and THANK YOU for taking time to read One Organized Mama!

One Organized Mama

Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick Tip: Utensil Drawer

So picture're preparing dinner, friends are over, wine is flowing......then all of sudden you hear a horrendous CRASH!

Disaster has struck. Your utensil drawer finally gave out and fell inside the cabinet.

Yes folks, this happened to me.

We love to entertain therefore we have approximately 4,000 forks, spoons, knives......(those cool little gadgets that the Pampered Chef lady told me I'd use everyday).....and our large kitchen drawer just couldn't handle it anymore.

So my drawer sat on top of my counter for four days until I could find a solution.

Then BINGO! Here it is:

I took the extra (nicer) utensils, grouped them in fours, and secured them with rubber bands.

Then I placed them in a plastic container to store in a cabinet for use when we have company.


So this saves my drawers from being weighted down and averts further utensil drawer disasters in the future!

One Organized Mama

DISCLAIMER: I LOVE Pampered Chef by the way! I use and love their products and have been a fan for years!! No Pampered Chef host's were meant to be harmed during this blog post.


Workshop: Paperwork/Filing (2/1/13 & 2/3/13)

I've set dates for my first workshops!

The topic is Paperwork and Starting Your Filing System!

The dates are February 1, 2013 @ 7pm-9pm and February 3, 2013 from 2pm-4pm.

Since the workshops will be held at my house space is limited. So early sign up is encouraged!

The cost to attend is $25 per person. This is a great investment in your organizing journey!

The workshop will include:
  • Overview of organizing basics.
  • Detailed instructions on starting your own filing system.
  • Five colored hanging folders so you can begin immediately.
  • Take home handouts and information to get you started.
Light refreshments will be served.

Lastly, although this is normally a kid-friendly home I ask that you not bring children to the workshops.

Payment can be made by PayPal below or cash the day of the event.

I hope to see you at the One Organized Mama workshop!

One Organized Mama

Monday, November 26, 2012

Organization Is.....

  • Cleaning your home in minutes because every item has a place it belongs.
  • Focusing your time and energy creating a space where you want to live.
  • Being purposeful in managing your time so that you can focus on the people/activities that are most important to you.
  • Coming home and saying "Ahhhhhh........" instead of "Argggghhh!"
  • That great "hey I got something done today!" feeling productivity brings.

I try and create areas in my home that work for me and my family.

One day I'd like to read one of these books.....

in one of these chairs...

One Organized Mama can help you in any area where time management or organization needs improvement in your life.

Contact Janel @ 702-498-1636

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's The Most Difficult Word To Say??

I bet you guessed's of course "no."

I challenge each of you this holiday season to say "no" to one request that is being asked of you.

Much easier said than done.....I know!

Let me tell you this will go far in easing your stress and helping you prioritize your life.

I promise you that the charity, friend, coworker, church member, or second cousin twice removed WILL survive without you baking your famous cookies.

As I've said before TIME can be an obstacle to organizing your life. If you begin saying "no" to the things that are not priorities in your life you'll be less stressed around the people that DO matter!

So take my challenge and share your "JUST SAY NO TO STRESS!" experiences. I would love to hear what you said "no" to as well as what you did with your time instead!

Tonight I said "no" to going to dinner with one of my best friends so that I could finish Thanksgiving shopping and do this.....

Make sure the drinks for Thanksgiving dinner are nice and organized!
(I'm sick....I know...)
Now I have my Thanksgiving "To Do" list checked off, less stress on Turkey Day, and I'll be able to relax and enjoy my time with my friend on Sunday instead.

May you all have a "less-stressed" Thanksgiving week and thank you for taking time to read One Organized Mama!


Contact me if you need help with time management techniques!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Culprits of Organizing

The three main culprits preventing people from organizing are TIME, MONEY, and SPACE.

Here are a few tips on overcoming each challenge:

  • Start small. One of my previous blog posts asks the question, "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer is "One bite at a time!" The same applies to beginning any organizing project. Start small and set attainable goals for yourself. Take one small stack of papers to shred or file. Completing small projects gives you a huge sense of accomplishment.
  • Use a timer. You've got your sights set on a project to tackle. Now decide on a realistic amount of time to work on it and SET THAT TIMER! Try not to go longer than 45 minutes. The longer the amount of time the more chances you'll be interrupted. You're going to be surprised at how much you can accomplish in increments as little as 15 minutes!
  • Make quick decisions. Do not get focused on details at first. When in doubt make a temporary home for the item and move on.
  • Finish what you start. Try and avoid having several projects going on at one time. You'll feel more productive when you begin one before starting another.
  • Pare down. If space is an issue it's time to make decisions and get rid of clutter. I know how difficult this process can be especially as I work with my clients. The fact is that if you want a clean and organized space it is essential that every item has a place where it belongs.
  • Utilize every space. You probably have more space then you realize. Look under beds and inside cabinets. Consider installing shelves, using baskets/bins to maximize the space you do have.
  • Purchase items that have multi purposes. Look for coffee tables, dining room tables, benches that have storage compartments.
  • Use what you already have in your home. Look around your house for items you are not using or re purpose them for storage solutions.
  • DO NOT buy products before you begin organizing. I see this all the time. My clients purchase products that they believe will get them organized. This item usually ends up as part of the clutter. Beginning any organizing project begins with a plan...which costs nothing.
  • Test drive. You wouldn't purchase a car without doing your research or test driving it first. Well the same can apply to purchasing organizing products. Before laying out the cash make sure you will use the product. For instance, before purchasing expensive baskets for your closet use shoe boxes for a week or so to see if it is something that will organize your space. If you use them then you know that the baskets will be worth the money. 
As always contact One Organized Mama for questions, tips, or help organizing!

One Organized Mama

Monday, November 12, 2012

Holla' It Only Cost A Dolla'!

So I'm always on the look out for creative ways to solve organizing issues. While walking through the dollar section of my favorite store......(rhymes with "Warget".....) I came across this nifty little item and realized it will neatly store batteries!!

Each compartment can hold either 18 AAA's, 8 AA's, or 2 C batteries!
Purchasing organizing products does not have to be costly. I warn against purchasing organizing items before you start organizing a space. If you don't know where to start give me a call and I'd love to help you!

One Organized Mama

Takeout Menu Organizer – A Repository for All Your To-Go Needs by Knock Knock

I found this GREAT organizing product to keep all those take out menu's in one neat spot!

Check it out!

Takeout Menu Organizer – A Repository for All Your To-Go Needs by Knock Knock

One Organized Mama

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Electronics Recycling

Don't know what to do with your old computer, television, or other electronic equipment??

Well give to a good cause and clear clutter at the same time by donating your items to Blind Center of Nevada!

Visit the link:

They are open Monday-Friday 7am-5:30pm.

Call 642-6000 for questions!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Tip: Shoe Basket

When we walk in the house I try and have my family remove their shoes. Well this is what I am left with:

I looked around my home to see what I could use to solve this organizing eyesore and this is what I found:

An old unused basket! I don't mind if it gets beat up holding dirty shoes and I can try this before spending money to purchase something prettier!

Here's the solution at work! Easy, simple, and didn't cost a thing! As part of their chores the kids now empty it daily by taking it upstairs and delivering the shoes to their owner's closet.

Keep on checking oneorganizedmama for more organizing tips and tricks!

One Organized Mama

Monday, October 15, 2012

Uniformity In Your Closet

Keeping your closet organized is easy to do with a few simple tips!

Use the same type of hangers to keep things neat! I like wooden and thin felt ones.

Folding and stacking pants by style and color makes choosing what to wear easy! Also, makes putting clothes away a cinch!
I suggest color coding which allows you to see your wardrobe at a glance!

 One Organized Mama is here to help you organize your home or office.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creating Good Habits

The key to being organized is to have systems in your home or office that work for you and to maintain those systems by utilizing good habits.

We learned habits as children such as; make your bed every morning, brush your teeth, wash your hands, do your chores.

Our parents had a purpose for teaching us these habits which was to stay healthy, productive, clean, etc. We wouldn't be able to brush our teeth and have good dental hygiene if our parents didn't provide us with the necessary tools such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, or how often we should brush.

As busy adults we need to create systems in our lives that foster efficient habits.

When we live or work with others it is important to get input from your family/coworkers to create these systems.

For instance, my kids have preferences where they like to do their homework. Trust me it is much easier to listen to their input and develop a "homework station" around their needs then it is to force them to do their homework in the home office where I would prefer it to be done.

Obviously, I as the parent have the final decision on any plan and they understand there is no compromise on things like having the television on during homework time.

So to help you start thinking of creating your own systems in your life I have created the following list for you.

Create a space for every item in your home I truly mean EVERY item! Even keepsakes need a home. If you cannot find a spot for items consider how much you use, need, or even want the item. It may be an item that can be donated to someone who can use it.

Group like items together Items used for baking, gift wrapping, crafts, kid snacks, gardening, etc should be grouped together in their own space.

Store items where you use them the most Eliminate running around the house toting items from one end to the next by creating storage solutions that are accessible to where you use things. If you bake often it makes more sense to display your mixer on the counter top or keep it handy in a nearby cabinet.

Label, label, and label I am learning this the hard way in my own home. I've created these great organizing systems and yet when I open a drawer or closet I am dismayed by the chaos my well meaning family has created by trying to put things away. Their punishment......labels. This helps them put things away easily and keeps me from yelling, "You know people are looking at our house judging ME on how organized it is and it's a MESS!!!"

Use a timer! Give yourself 5, 10, or 15 minutes to either straighten or organize. Take your trusty damp cloth and Swiffer to clean as you go too. Stay focused on the task at hand and when that timer goes off and STOP! Move on to something else.

So there you have it!

As always contact me with any questions because I truly do love to do the research and help you figure out solutions!

Of course contact me if you live in the Las Vegas area to help you create and implement any organizing systems in your home or office!

One Organized Mama

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Check out this SUPER Organized Mama!!

I've put a call out to my friends whom I consider to be SUPER Organized Mamas!

These are the women in my life who have it together and know how to keep it together!!

Especially true are the amazing MILITARY SPOUSES out there! Moving from home to home every two years takes ingenious and creative minds to make those cinder block walls a home.

Take my friend Julie, for instance....she has moved with her husband and children from the coast of California to the continent of Africa where they are currently stationed.

Julie shares with us her little tricks to being One Super Organized Mama!

Ok when I packed this in Africa, I thought it was great. When I opened it the next day in Germany, I scared myself and took this pic. Cue the scary Berlioz music...

I do LOVE the LLBean suitcase organizers; I'll never apologize for (having three sets...) those! It is good for flying knowing that TSA touched my undies! Shoe bags are good too. Only if I'm especially OCD that day do I care about folding underwear, so these went from dryer to suitcase. Don't judge me... :)

Julie has organized a KID CABINET...(brilliant!!) Lets Mom and Dad sleep in Saturday mornings and kids can get themselves breakfast!!

Julie uses baskets, and stacking shelves to keep things tidy and maximize her space!
(I always love how you can see every label in her kitchen.....LOVE that about her!!)

 A HUGE thank you for sharing Julie!!!

If you have organizing photos, ideas, or tricks you'd like to share email me at


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working From Home

As One Organized Mama continues to grow I realize how necessary it is to create a work space in my home that is dedicated to my business. The space allows me to focus on my company and most importantly I am the only one who may use it. It helps create a professional and organized environment for One Organized Mama!

I found a corner in my home that is tucked away and gathered a few items to create a space without spending a dime!

I found the chair sitting in a corner of my bedroom and took a credenza that was near the front door.

Note that this space is used ONLY for my business. This is away from my actual home office where we pay bills and where kids do homework.

I reclaimed this old file cabinet and found a home for it in a closet near my office. Although it's an eyesore it is certainly functional and was completely free!

If you work from home consider having One Organized Mama help you create a space in your home that you can dedicate to your business!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Conquering The Second Shift!

It's five o'clock and whether you work outside the home, from your home, or home is your full time's likely you have a full evening ahead of you!

The "Second Shift" defined by Slang Dictionary is the "shift" of work handled by women at home, consisting of housework. (The "first shift" being their job.)

How do you get a healthy dinner prepared, homework completed, kids shuttled around town, and everything else completed?

Well take a deep breath One Organized Mama has some suggestions!
  • Plan Meals- I plan only 2-3 meals max ahead of time and make frequent "quick trips" to grocery store to pick up items during the week.
  • Dinner Preparation- While I'm preparing tonight's meal I am doing as much prep work as possible for tomorrow night's dinner. Recipe calls for chopped onions?? Well I chop ONCE, use tonight, then save rest for tomorrow!
  • Prepare Lunches- Dinner prep/clean up is a perfect time to pack those lunches! You're already in the kitchen and often times leftovers can go from table, to container, to your lunch box!
  • Turn Off the Television- For heaven's sake there's already enough noise and chaos.....the less distractions the better!
  • Get Everyone Involved- Not just for setting the table and clearing it....although that's a must for kids in our house. Get older sibling to help younger ones with homework. You'd be surprised at the fights this has stopped with my two older ones!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quick Tip: Luggage Storage

Here's a easy solution for stroring your travel gear:

Nest suitcases inside one another for easy storage!

Duffel bags, make up travel bags, and other smaller items can be nestled in as well!

Zip it up and you've saved a lot of space!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Long To Keep Paperwork

Another question I'm asked frequently is, "how long do I keep paperwork?" Well I've done the research for you and here's a quick and simple guide:

Keep Forever
ü  Adoption Papers
ü  Birth/Death Certificates
ü  Contracts *
ü  Divorce Decree
ü  Education Records
ü  Immunization Records
ü  Life Insurance
ü  Living Wills
ü  Marriage License
ü  Military Service (DD-214)
ü  Passports **
ü  Power of Attorney
ü  Real Estate Records
ü  Retirement Investment Paperwork
ü  Social Security Cards
ü  Tax Returns
ü  Trust Paperwork
ü  W-2’s
ü  Wills *

*Until Updated
**Passports must be renewed every 10 years (5 years for children under age 15)

7 Years
ü  Cancelled Checks
ü  Tax Return Documentation
1-2 Years
ü  Pay Stubs
ü  Retirement Plan Statements
Until New One Arrives
ü  Bank Statements
ü  Investment Records
ü  Social Security Statement
ü  Utility Bills
Until Paid Off or Sold
ü  Auto Loan Statements
ü  Mortgage Statements
ü  Student Loan Statements
As Long As You Own
ü  Appliance/Electronics Manuals
ü  Receipts for Large Purchases
ü  Service Contracts
ü  Vehicle Title
ü  Warranties
Remember to SHRED any documents that you are discarding.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mission Statement

One Organized Mama provides hands on assistance organizing your home or small business. You will be treated in the highest regard with respect, dignity, while maintaining your privacy.

One Organized Mama is passionate about organizing and teaching you time management skills. I appreciate the impact my work has on your home, business, and life.

One Organized Mama strives for excellence professionally by continuing education, and training to excel industry standards.

-Janel Ashurst
One Organized Mama

Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Pantries

Here are a few reasons why having your kitchen pantry organized is essential in managing your time and wallet:
  • Putting groceries away is quick when every item has a pre-designated spot!
  • Prevents over-buying....."I could have sworn I had baking powder somewhere......"
  • Grouping like items makes tasks such as baking/coffee making/washing dishes easier.
  • Creates space to see items easier including expiration dates, areas that need to be wiped down, and items that are running low.
  • Preparing meals is simple when you can just grab and cook.....or grab and put in lunch box!
  • Most importantly having a well organized pantry can save you money!!! You'll find meal planning, trips to grocery store, and less food waste when you take the steps to get your pantry in order!
Breakfast items on top and coffees/teas on bottom make busy mornings less hectic.

Jars/canisters are a great place to store crackers to keep them fresh and accessible!

Cans in one spot...snacks in another. Baskets make keeping small snack items organized and in one neat place!

I have two wonderful friends who were my inspiration to organize my kitchen pantry.

I think of my friend Julie who is uber organized in her kitchen and likes to have every label facing outward so she can see the names of every item.We've had many laughs about it, but it helps keep her organized!!

Kim has a lunch box system where she places items for her children's lunches in different baskets. When it's time to pack lunches the kiddos grab items they like and make their own school lunches! A great idea to keep lunch items organized and helps kids to be more self sufficient!

Brilliant ideas from brilliant women!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfection vs. Productivity

An Extremely Productive Day:
Wake up before the rest of the family and walk dog. Come home, wake kiddos, and make breakfast for everyone. Shower, dress, and hit the road for a multitude of errands. Arrive back home with exhausted kiddos,  put groceries away, cook dinner, help kiddos with homework, and feed family. After dishes are done, kids are bathed, and a load of laundry done, take poor doggie for a walk/run. Arrive back at home  and work on One Organized Mama business, update budget, fold laundry, put laundry away and fall into an exhaustive sleep with barely enough energy left to give my hunny a quick kiss!

A Very Productive Day:
Sleep in til alarm goes off and get ready for day. Take care of household chores and/or go to work at my current full time job. Pick up kiddos, make dinner and feed family. Add quick trip to park for kids while I walk the dog. Finish up day with clean kitchen and house straightened up. Watch an episode of Mad Men with hunny before bed!

An Absolutely Perfect Day:
Sleep in until the rest of the family wakes up. Either make breakfast or treat the family to breakfast out. Take care of household chores and business duties with plenty of welcome interruptions from kids wanting to share something funny they're doing and Scout (doggie) bringing his squeaky ball to play fetch. Sneak in two episodes of Mad Men with Jorge (hunny) while kids are either napping or playing outside. Cook a leisurely dinner with help from the family and plenty of time at the dinner table telling jokes or sharing stories. A little frozen yogurt before bed and a little messiness around the house that can wait for tomorrow. Everyone in bed and the end of MY kind of perfect day!!

Productivity is certainly essential to living a fulfilled life......but remember to temper it with a "perfect" day thrown in frequently!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The following is a wonderful testimonial posted on my Facebook page:
If you want your life to get easier just call Janel Ashurst!!! She has a new business called one organized mama where she comes into your home or business and organizes anything you want. She completely reorganized our kitchen and now we just reach in to get the correct plastic lid, the correct lid for cooking-all the food in the pantry is logically organized-she is phenomenal!!!!!THANKS Janel Ashurst

Below is a from a friend I gave advice to for organizing her home office space!

Let me be one of the first to testify! Here's the before:

Photo: Let me be one of the first to testify!  Here's the before...

And here's after. Thank you for your advice!!
Photo: And here's after.  Thank you for your advice!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

A little about paperwork...

So let's talk some more about paperwork. It seems it's one of the areas in our homes that is overwhelming to many of us.

 I am here to tell you that it doesn't need to be! With a few minutes per week you can keep your paperwork pile in order and maintained! Here are a few tips in getting your important documents in order:

  • Have your timer ready and set it...(5, 15, or 30 minutes work great!)
  • Bring a trash bag and a shredder to your work space.
  • Have your file system handy to place documents immediately in appropriate files.
  • Begin with one pile of mail/paperwork, set your timer....and BEGIN!
  • Quickly decide if item is "Shred/Discard", "File", or "Immediate Attention/Process"
  • Place each item in one of the above piles.
  • Once your are finished deciding which pile each item belongs in then file items from your "File" , shred and throw away items in the "Shred/Discard" pile, and lastly either handle items in the "Immediate Attention/Process" pile or make a visible "home" for these items.
  • Remember when that timer "dings!" YOU'RE DONE! Put the paperwork aside til the next time you can devote time to it.
~Note about the "Immediate Attention/Process" pile~ These are items such as paperwork that needs to filled out and mailed, bills that need to be disputed, or any item that needs work.

 It is IMPORTANT to make a place for these documents that is visible and will remind you that it is there. I have an area next to the computer for such items.

That way if I decide I have a moment to get online....I probably have a moment to handle that document.

Keeps me on track and no more frantic searches for lost important paperwork!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

This idea applies to time management and organizing your life. Recently,  I've been chatting with friends about organizing and the number one frustration that I hear is "I have no idea where to begin!"

Well the answer is simple! One step at a time. Ultimately, the BIG goal is to have an organized home/life. Thinking of where to start can overwhelm most of us!

So the solution is to start small. Here are a few tips:

  • Begin with a small project....and I mean small. One pile of paperwork that has been sitting on your desk for months.
    • Take the pile of the desk and wipe down the area it was sitting. Just having a clean surface will help you feel like you've accomplished something. (Trust me on this!)
    • Make two piles one a shred/toss pile and the other a keep pile.
    • Go through the pile and immediately shred/toss paperwork when done. (My ten year old loves to shred so she assists me with this process.)
    • Either file "keep" paperwork immediately or make a neat home on your desk labeled "To File".
  • Another effective way to start small with an organizing project is to set a timer. Here's how:
    • Pick a room/project to organize.
    • Take a trash bag and your damp cloth to wipe down surfaces.
    • Choose a reasonable amount of time that you can devote to this project with minimal distractions. (If the kids are coming home from school in an hour then do 45 minutes.)
    • Set a timer and when the timer're done! Finito!
    • Take your trash out and before you walk out look at what you've accomplished in a short amount of time....pat yourself on the back!
Try incriments as little as five minutes and try and avoid longer sessions more than an hour. Too many distractions can pop up the longer you go.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting started...

So as I've said we moved into a new home last month. In the midst of this gigantic move...with five people it WAS truly gigantic! The first project I chose was my own bathroom area. Friends and family kept coming by wanting to look at our new casa and as our tour rounded the corner into the Master Bath area I'd find myself apologizing for the box of tampons and other personal products sitting there in plain view for all to see! Oy!

So, here is what the before photos looked like~

Not to mention the counter top which had my most used products scattered about which made it "easier" to find things as I got ready in the mornings.

And the medicine cabinet that hardly had anything......

So I decided to jump in! The entire project took me less than an hour! Here are the steps I took:

1. Remove all items from the cabinets and counter tops and wipe everything down with a damp cloth.

2. Group all like items on bathroom floor culling out old products and trash (make sure to have a trash bag nearby.)

3. Place most used items in medicine cabinet for easy accessibility. This is is the result:
4. Start grouping other items and placing them underneath cabinet. and in drawers. I am a big fan of utilizing baskets that you receive as gifts and using them for this purpose. It makes it easier to keep like items together.

Note~the shelving in the back right of the photo is the only item I purchased for this project. It's a 3-tiered shelf I purchased ($14.99) from The Container Store for organizing cans in your kitchen cabinets. Works great for under bathroom sinks too!

5. Once everything is grouped in like items: hair products, lotions, first aid items, lint rollers, etc it's rather easy to then make a home for them.

6. Lastly, the counter top I feel should be clear except for a few small items. I think the perfume bottles are pretty enough to display.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project! I have a few more ideas and will share soon.

Current time on project:45 minutes
Current $$ spent: $14.99

A little about me....

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Janel Ashurst and I am a very proud mother of three...four if you include the dog! ;-)

My life is busy! I currently work outside of home and am building my new dream career as a professional organizer!

I am thrilled for the experience of sharing my business and helping you!

My experience began in the trenches as a former military spouse with 8 moves in 13 years under my belt and learning how to fit a household into many different spaces.

Several years ago I found myself a single mother and downsizing my life was essential. I managed to do it proudly and efficiently!

Since then I have met the love of my life, Jorge and joining our lives together was yet another feat in organizing! Taking his belongings and merging them with make "ours" took a lot of time, culling through boxes, and finding a place for everything. We are still a "work in progress" but who isn't?

I found through these life experiences how much I LOVE to organize! It is like putting random pieces of a puzzle together to create a comfortable and wonderful environment!

One Organized Mama was created after much thought and consideration to take my passion and create my own business!

I am thrilled to watch my business grow and even more so to see my clients happy with the progress we create together in their homes and lives!

If you live in the Las Vegas area One Organized Mama can assist you with any of the following areas of your home or life:

  • Organizing any room (garages/closets/storage/kitchens/children's rooms and more!)
  • Organizing paperwork and creating an effective file system
  • Time management techniques (meal/grocery planning, creating a schedule, etc)
  • Creative ideas to incorporate into your home (fun and creative labeling systems)

Meghan, Scout, and Baby James in background
The 3 Musketeers!

Contact me anytime with questions about organizing and time management techniques!

Thank you for your support!