Friday, October 26, 2012

Quick Tip: Shoe Basket

When we walk in the house I try and have my family remove their shoes. Well this is what I am left with:

I looked around my home to see what I could use to solve this organizing eyesore and this is what I found:

An old unused basket! I don't mind if it gets beat up holding dirty shoes and I can try this before spending money to purchase something prettier!

Here's the solution at work! Easy, simple, and didn't cost a thing! As part of their chores the kids now empty it daily by taking it upstairs and delivering the shoes to their owner's closet.

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One Organized Mama

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  1. I like it, of course I have a shoe shelf by the door (wooden one from Amazon), and I have caught myself moving shoes from one person's assigned shelf to ANOTHER shelf even though they're already on a shelf! WHO CARES?! Why move Caroline's shoes from Sam's shelf to her shelf? I need help.... Your low-cost and practical way of organizing is way better (and less crazy) than my issues... Thanks for sharing the tips! (and there's no way that James already has shoes that size, growing up so fast!)