Monday, August 6, 2012

A little about paperwork...

So let's talk some more about paperwork. It seems it's one of the areas in our homes that is overwhelming to many of us.

 I am here to tell you that it doesn't need to be! With a few minutes per week you can keep your paperwork pile in order and maintained! Here are a few tips in getting your important documents in order:

  • Have your timer ready and set it...(5, 15, or 30 minutes work great!)
  • Bring a trash bag and a shredder to your work space.
  • Have your file system handy to place documents immediately in appropriate files.
  • Begin with one pile of mail/paperwork, set your timer....and BEGIN!
  • Quickly decide if item is "Shred/Discard", "File", or "Immediate Attention/Process"
  • Place each item in one of the above piles.
  • Once your are finished deciding which pile each item belongs in then file items from your "File" , shred and throw away items in the "Shred/Discard" pile, and lastly either handle items in the "Immediate Attention/Process" pile or make a visible "home" for these items.
  • Remember when that timer "dings!" YOU'RE DONE! Put the paperwork aside til the next time you can devote time to it.
~Note about the "Immediate Attention/Process" pile~ These are items such as paperwork that needs to filled out and mailed, bills that need to be disputed, or any item that needs work.

 It is IMPORTANT to make a place for these documents that is visible and will remind you that it is there. I have an area next to the computer for such items.

That way if I decide I have a moment to get online....I probably have a moment to handle that document.

Keeps me on track and no more frantic searches for lost important paperwork!

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