Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Perfection vs. Productivity

An Extremely Productive Day:
Wake up before the rest of the family and walk dog. Come home, wake kiddos, and make breakfast for everyone. Shower, dress, and hit the road for a multitude of errands. Arrive back home with exhausted kiddos,  put groceries away, cook dinner, help kiddos with homework, and feed family. After dishes are done, kids are bathed, and a load of laundry done, take poor doggie for a walk/run. Arrive back at home  and work on One Organized Mama business, update budget, fold laundry, put laundry away and fall into an exhaustive sleep with barely enough energy left to give my hunny a quick kiss!

A Very Productive Day:
Sleep in til alarm goes off and get ready for day. Take care of household chores and/or go to work at my current full time job. Pick up kiddos, make dinner and feed family. Add quick trip to park for kids while I walk the dog. Finish up day with clean kitchen and house straightened up. Watch an episode of Mad Men with hunny before bed!

An Absolutely Perfect Day:
Sleep in until the rest of the family wakes up. Either make breakfast or treat the family to breakfast out. Take care of household chores and business duties with plenty of welcome interruptions from kids wanting to share something funny they're doing and Scout (doggie) bringing his squeaky ball to play fetch. Sneak in two episodes of Mad Men with Jorge (hunny) while kids are either napping or playing outside. Cook a leisurely dinner with help from the family and plenty of time at the dinner table telling jokes or sharing stories. A little frozen yogurt before bed and a little messiness around the house that can wait for tomorrow. Everyone in bed and the end of MY kind of perfect day!!

Productivity is certainly essential to living a fulfilled life......but remember to temper it with a "perfect" day thrown in frequently!

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