Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't Put It Down...Put It Away!

We've all been there. We walk in the door from a long day out and unconsciously drop our things by the door.

Checking the mail, kids coming home from school, your husband's "dumping ground" where the change from his pocket, receipts, etc fall into a pool of eventual clutter.

In order to maintain an organized environment and avoid the chaos and early morning panic, "Where's my binder/wallet/keys...!" a little discipline needs to be integrated into your household and routine.

Don't Put It Down, Put It Away.

A few quick tips will help you do this.
  • Designate a temporary "landing zone" for your family. These items MUST be dealt with and put away the same day.
  • If checking the mail is your routine as soon as you come home consider only checking it when you have the time to deal with it. Avoids paper clutter.
  • Follow the four steps to creating an organized environment. (DECLUTTER, MAKE A HOME, LABEL, MAINTAIN).
Taking the few extra moments to put items away will bring you a little bit of peace in the long run!

Happy Organizing!
One Organized Mama

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Timer Method

When you know you need to start....but don't know how to begin.....try this simple method!
This method can help you start a regular organizing or cleaning routine.

      Choose an increment of time; 5, 10, 15, minutes. (No more than 45 minutes.)

      Set timer and ORGANIZE!

      When timer dings!, STOP, and move on to next project.

Happy Organizing!
One Organized Mama

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Junk drawers are my ultimate pet peeve. They are unnecessary and PLEASE don't tell me you can find items in there.

For the first part of our relationship I was okay with my husband having one junk drawer.

This was it.

Mixed in this mess, I found receipts from three years prior, a washcloth, and my birth certificate.

So I made him a deal. If he could name five things that were in this abyss of junk, then he could keep his drawer.

He could not.

Relax....I didn't pull a "Mommy Dearest" on the poor guy. Instead, I opted for a compromise that still works today.

I placed this chest with its multiple drawers near the garage door and designated one drawer as a  quick "landing zone".

So keys, sunglasses, and other items automatically go in the drawer . No more "where are my keys??!!" panic. 

As I mentioned in my blog post, "Culprits of Organizing", consider buying furniture such as this piece that contain storage options. It's a great way to hide unsightly items and keep things neat and tidy!

Happy Organizing!
One Organized Mama

Saturday, January 12, 2013

4 Steps To Organize Anything



ü Place items in one of three piles: TRASH/DONATE/KEEP

ü Start small. One room or one pile at a time.

ü Make quick decisions. Don’t dwell. If it’s unused or unwanted it must go.


ü Make a home for every item in your home. (This can help determine if the item is something worth keeping.)

ü Keep items near where they are used. Filing system near incoming mail bin, school supplies near homework area, spices near stove, etc.

ü Keep like items together. Baking supplies, holiday decorations, books by category (travel, cooking, finance…).

ü Store frequently used items in accessible shelves/cabinets. Items used less frequently in high cabinets or in back.


ü Labeling helps everyone know where items belong.

ü Use inexpensive labels or masking tape. Just make sure it does not damage surface you’re placing it on.

ü When items are labeled clean up is quick and easy.

ü For cabinets with multiple items a quick reference list can be placed inside cabinet door.

ü Create a quick and easy alphabetical file system to keep track of where items are stored.


ü Delegate household chores. A little maintenance done each day keeps your home/office neat and tidy.

ü Set a timer for as little as five minutes per chore/room for quick clean up. When the timer dings move on!

ü Be disciplined. To begin a disciplined routine consider the “Make Your Bed” theory. **
**Check out my previous blog post on the "Make Your Bed" theory.

Happy Organizing!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Organized Mama Shoe Closet

I'm always on the hunt for great organizing ideas and when I find one I love to share it!

Thanks to Carey M. for sharing her beautifully organized shoe closet.

Photo: Shoe closet done :)
Shoes are neatly organized on shelves in her closet. A great way to show off her fabulous collection!


If you have any organizing photos or ideas you'd like to share send them my way!

Happy Organizing!

My reality.

I relate to all of you and your busy lives. Balancing everything takes creativity, knowing when to just let things go, and having a sense of humor helps too!

I love my business and am passionate about organizing!

But I love my family more and literally work around my family.

This is my balancing act reality.

Double duty.. blogging and playing with a little special someone.  The mess just means he's having a lot of fun!

And when he's done...well he's done! Time for me to put up the computer and move on to "tub time".

Organizing your home has nothing to do with being a clean freak or never having a messy house. Organizing your home and life makes a better environment and more time for the people that matter in your life!

Happy Organizing from One Organized Mama!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The "Make Your Bed" Theory

As I help my clients through the organizing processes I realize the key to maintaining order in your home and life is to create good habits.

I'm calling this the "Make Your Bed" theory.

In order to succeed at any goal, you must choose good habits. Those habits are fueled by discipline.

For example, in order to lose weight you must choose to eat healthy and exercise. We all know that is fueled by good ol' fashioned discipline.

When working towards any goal it is important to start small. This is why making your bed is important in beginning your organizing journey.

"Why make your bed when you're going to mess it up in a few hours??" Ask my children......and maybe some of you.

Here's why.

It will make you feel better. You will feel productive. You will create one space in your home that is neat and in order and I promise that does A LOT for your peace of mind.

If you can begin doing this one task, on a daily basis you can begin to add other habits slowly to get your house and life in order.

Give it a try. Make your bed every morning. Before you know it you've created a good habit for yourself and your home.

Have a great day!
One Organized Mama

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Toys, toys, and more toys! OH MY!!!

Our family had a blessed Christmas and the toy chests are living proof! Thanks to loving aunties, uncles, nanas, papas, and friends the kids received many wonderful gifts!

We keep a collection of my toddler's toys in our family room. Well no matter how much I sang, "Clean Up! Clean Up!" the after Christmas haul was becoming invasive!
Too overwhelming for playtime!

Even the poor monkey cube is literally vomiting toys!

So I had to come up with a plan....and QUICK!

I did a little shopping at my favorite store.....if you're a regular reader of my blog you know what that is.....(hint: BULLS EYE ya got it!)

Since the space is in a room where visitors to our home see I did not want it to look like a toy room. I tried to find a balance between a cozy space for my little one and me not wanting to look at unsightly toy bins.

The first step was to cull through the toys and donate outgrown (but not un-loved!) toys to a local charity donation site.

I found these storage cubes and I could live with this style in my living room.

These light weight cubes are a great disguise for little toys. My little one acts genuinely surprised when he opens them up to find his toys!
I placed like items in each to make clean up easier.
I found smaller matching open top containers that were the perfect size for books and smaller items.

Utilizing the space on the shelves....since I had previously taken their contents off when baby-proofing. I added a few more toys so it looked fun but not overrun.

Here is the result! A space any toddler would like to play in and any mom can live with!
For help organizing your little munchkin's space contact One Organized Mama!
One Organized Mama