Monday, June 17, 2013

Do The Dump!

There's nothing more frustrating than finding empty boxes and cartons in cabinets and the fridge, right?? Well here's a simple solution....Do The Dump!

While unloading your groceries consider emptying things such as fruit cups, packets of crackers, Popsicles, cookies, and even toilet paper in pre-determined locations that make it easy for everyone to grab. 

No more empty box surprises!  

Here are a few areas where I use this technique in my home:

Select a drawer in the fridge to keep cold snacks at easy reach.

A basket in the cabinet works great for grabbing on the go!

Toilet paper on a shelf in the linen closet eliminates the rumpled plastic bags.

Consider these options and Enjoy Life Organized!

One Organized Mama

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Organized Party!

We love to entertain in our home. The problem is that I have a tendency to take on way too much. I've heard whispers of "It kinda feels like Hell's Kitchen in here...." hours before the party begins. No bueno!

So I've learned that a well planned and organized event lessens the stress and makes for a more festive atmosphere for all.

Here are a few tips:

The day before unwrap plates, napkins, and place utensils in easy accessible containers for guests.

Fill gift and goodie bags up to two days before.

Decorate the night before. Many of the letters on the wall fell off during the night. The next morning I had ample time to reinforce them before the party.

This buffet was set up for the cake. Plates, napkins, and forks on deck so no one was left searching for items with sticky fingers from icing. Everything was ready to go before cake arrived.

Every item had a home. Bags of chips ready to fill the bowls.

Do as much prep work as you can beforehand. Watermelon can be sliced, placed on a platter, and stored in fridge. Guests can enjoy its refreshing goodness as soon as they walk in.

Set up tables and serving stations hours before guests arrive.

In the last few moments before your doorbell rings all that's left is to freshen your lipstick and smile before greeting your guests!

Enjoy Life Organized my friends and thank you for reading One Organized Mama!


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Just A Little Reminder.....

So turn off the tv, avoid sitting at your computer, don't peek at your phone or tablet to distract you from doing the things you should be doing today.

No excuses my friends! You do have more time in your day then you think when you put away the electronics!

Keeping this post short so I can do the same..........

Enjoy Life Organized

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Preparation Avoids Chaos, Confusion, and Sometimes Carnage

One thing I’ve learned through my years as a mom and wife who works outside of the home is the importance of PREPARATION. The key to having a successful day and getting the things you need to get done DONE.
If you take about 30 minutes at night to prepare for the next day you will be surprised how much easier that makes your morning flow.
Here are a few tips:
·        Meal Prep- Prepare for tomorrow night’s dinner while cooking tonight’s. Have an idea in your head on what you are going to cook and do as much of the prep work (chopping veggies, taking items from freezer to thaw,  measuring out ingredients, etc) as you can while tonight’s dinner is cooking. This is also a great time to jot down items you need from the grocery store and avoids the last minute panic of realizing you are missing an ingredient.
·        Pack Lunches- During after dinner clean up time (which should be a team effort by the way!) pack tomorrow’s lunches. This way leftovers can be divvied in containers to take to work, the kids can throw together their sandwiches and juice boxes in their lunch boxes, and WALLA! Everything goes into fridge as the kitchen closes for the evening.
·        Lay Out Clothes- There is something to be said for laying out clothes the night before. I’ve had so many people swear by this! This can be especially helpful with children. Get them in the habit of lying clothes out the night before. I’m sure your children have never come to you at six o’clock in the morning saying, “mom I don’t have any clean socks” as mine have, so I am saving you the trouble my friends.
·        Backpack Check- Speaking of kids….those lil’ buggers have this amazing technique which has been mastered in our home. It is the “Oh yeah mom my teacher said this is the LAST DAY to turn this in” as they hand me a ¾” stack of paperwork neatly stapled together, crumpled a little at the corners, at promptly 6:49 a.m. as I’m walking out the door. “Yes Mr. Policeman I was filling out my child’s paperwork while at the stoplight….not texting on my phone.”  This can be AVOIDED by getting kids in the habit of going through backpacks on a nightly basis and giving you those important papers, lists of supplies needed for projects, and helps them stay organized so they won’t lose completed assignments before they get turned in…..(yes, I’ve suffered through it all.)
·        Every Item in it’s Home- Lastly, I can’t emphasize this enough. Every single item from the mail to the toaster oven should have a home in your home. Whether it’s temporary or permanent all things should have a place they belong. This is especially true for items like car keys, cell phones, purses, shoes, and other walk-out-the-door essentials. Having your car keys in their proper place can alleviate the stress as you face the morning commute.
So plan a little preparation time in your nightly routine and give yourself the gift of a less stressed morning.
Thank you for reading and Enjoy Life Organized.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fave product: 3M Command Hooks

One of my favorite products on the market are the 3M Command Hooks. These are especially great for organizing inside closet and cabinet doors, space that is under utilized. Another great feature is the ability the command adhesive has if you need to reposition your hook....without damaging your surface.

Remember every item should have a place where it belongs to make clean up quick and easy.

Inside a hall closet so that every item from the dog leash to your purse has a place to call home!

Also, store items near where you use them most.

Pot holders stored in a cabinet near your oven puts them in easy reach when needed.

Towels near tub for "tub time".
Do your stuff a favor, stick a hook up, and create a home for a homeless item.

Happy Organizing My Friends!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Fog

Do you know The Fog? That place where you wake up, go about your day in the same way, and go to bed feeling like you've made no progress. Like that movie "Groundhog Day". The same thing over and over spinning your wheels but going nowhere?

I know that feeling well. I've been there.

Your house, your job, your family, your life are full...but not purposeful.

There's a remedy to The Fog. The remedy starts with deciding how you want to live your life. The Fog begins to dissipate when you wake up with a plan for your day and the discipline to put that plan in motion.

This is where my "Make Your Bed Theory" comes into play. Start each day with a well-made bed and if nothing else goes as you planned that day at least you've accomplished one task and given yourself one place in your home that is in order, clean, and comfortable. Your own little oasis in a sea of chaos.

Try it, and then start adding other tasks to your daily routine.

In a typical day I strive for a made bed, one load of laundry washed, folded and put away, and a clean kitchen before I head to bed.

Simple as it may sound many of you with busy families and lives know that can be a lot.

Notice I say "strive". These are daily goals I set for my household because the overall vision I have for my house is to have it efficient and in order. Not perfection. I am a professional organizer and if you stop by any day of the week you will find the usual scatter of toys, pile of paperwork needing attention, and occasional dirty sock stuffed in a couch cushion.

I want a home where my family feels comfortable and visitors feel welcome. I also want my home to reflect who I am and I refuse to be a person who is controlled by clutter and chaos anymore. 

The difference between my life now and the days I spent in The Fog is that I have a vision for my home and life and goals to achieve that vision. 

A routine fueled by discipline to achieve your daily goals will over time transform any chaos into calm. Don't be surprised if after you start your new routine in your home that you start seeing changes in other areas of your life: your pants fit a little better out of the dryer, you haven't had an argument with your spouse for weeks, you feel lighter....happier.  

An organized home and routine has long reaching me on this. 

Thanks for reading One Organized Mama!






Friday, April 19, 2013

Changes Are A Comin'

Hello One Organized Mama readers,

I apologize that I've been "off the grid" for the past several weeks. I'll update you on what's been going on. As many of you know I am currently a full time working mom outside of my home. Since  launching One Organized Mama last July I've been trying to fit my business in with work, 3 kids, hubby, and all the hiccups life brings.

My plan is to transition from my current full time position to being One Organized Mama full time.

Those of you who own your own businesses know that in order to make that leap so many things need to be in order. If I try and jump into that boat too soon, and it's not quite ready, it could adversely affect my bueno!

The past few weeks I've been working diligently on personal and financial goals to make this transition happen. It has meant insanely long work weeks, sacrificing sleep, time with friends, and facing each critic and obstacle with strong conviction.

That boat to make this leap is getting closer each day.

So what are the changes you're asking?

Well in order to make One Organized Mama a success I am adding more services to assist you with your busy lives! Who better to help than someone who has been in your shoes? I've discovered that many families, professionals, seniors, singles, etc could use occasional help in a variety of areas. So here is a list of services I will be offering:

Home/Office Organization
  • Paperwork/Filing Systems
  • Any room in your home
  • Helping your business become more efficient
  • If it's cluttered I can help organize it!
Event Organization
Have an upcoming event and need help with the planning and set up? One Organized Mama can help with phone calls, errands, sending out invites, filling gift bags, setting up the day of, and more! Consider One Organized Mama for your next:
  • Corporate/Nonprofit Event
  • Family Reunion
  • Birthday Party
  • Retirement Celebration
  • Community Events
  • Assisting you with an upcoming move
  • And More!
You send me the photos and I can help you set up a plan to get organized. eOrganize is a great option for those who:
  • Prefer to work at their own pace
  • Live outside of the Las Vegas area
  • Need assistance setting and achieving goals
  • Need an accountability partner to keep them on track
If your group is looking for a speaker or idea for a group activity consider One Organized Mama. Topics can be tailored to your groups specific needs.

Coming Soon.....Mobile Notary Service
Need documents notarized in the Las Vegas area. Then I'm your girl!

I truly have a passion for helping others and love the fact that I'm able to turn this passion into a business.

I would love to get you organized and help you achieve your goals!

Contact me anytime!
One Organized Mama