Friday, April 19, 2013

Changes Are A Comin'

Hello One Organized Mama readers,

I apologize that I've been "off the grid" for the past several weeks. I'll update you on what's been going on. As many of you know I am currently a full time working mom outside of my home. Since  launching One Organized Mama last July I've been trying to fit my business in with work, 3 kids, hubby, and all the hiccups life brings.

My plan is to transition from my current full time position to being One Organized Mama full time.

Those of you who own your own businesses know that in order to make that leap so many things need to be in order. If I try and jump into that boat too soon, and it's not quite ready, it could adversely affect my bueno!

The past few weeks I've been working diligently on personal and financial goals to make this transition happen. It has meant insanely long work weeks, sacrificing sleep, time with friends, and facing each critic and obstacle with strong conviction.

That boat to make this leap is getting closer each day.

So what are the changes you're asking?

Well in order to make One Organized Mama a success I am adding more services to assist you with your busy lives! Who better to help than someone who has been in your shoes? I've discovered that many families, professionals, seniors, singles, etc could use occasional help in a variety of areas. So here is a list of services I will be offering:

Home/Office Organization
  • Paperwork/Filing Systems
  • Any room in your home
  • Helping your business become more efficient
  • If it's cluttered I can help organize it!
Event Organization
Have an upcoming event and need help with the planning and set up? One Organized Mama can help with phone calls, errands, sending out invites, filling gift bags, setting up the day of, and more! Consider One Organized Mama for your next:
  • Corporate/Nonprofit Event
  • Family Reunion
  • Birthday Party
  • Retirement Celebration
  • Community Events
  • Assisting you with an upcoming move
  • And More!
You send me the photos and I can help you set up a plan to get organized. eOrganize is a great option for those who:
  • Prefer to work at their own pace
  • Live outside of the Las Vegas area
  • Need assistance setting and achieving goals
  • Need an accountability partner to keep them on track
If your group is looking for a speaker or idea for a group activity consider One Organized Mama. Topics can be tailored to your groups specific needs.

Coming Soon.....Mobile Notary Service
Need documents notarized in the Las Vegas area. Then I'm your girl!

I truly have a passion for helping others and love the fact that I'm able to turn this passion into a business.

I would love to get you organized and help you achieve your goals!

Contact me anytime!
One Organized Mama

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Electronics Diet

According to The New York Times, we spend approximately 8 hours a day on electronics.

Think about this for a moment.....EIGHT hours of your day is devoted to either your phone, computer, video games, or television.

Here's another thing the study finds...we often LIE about how much time we actually spend on electronics.

Have you ever looked around your house and said to yourself, "If only I had more time I could get organized?" I have! I was busy. I was busy with time killers like television and the Internet.

I realized I can lie to others but it's tough to lie to myself.

I now make it a point to turn off electronics and get myself and my family involved in more productive activities and spending time together.

It's not easy. In fact as I type out this post my teenage son just turned on the TV to a rerun of "Full House" while playing a game on his cell phone at the same time. (Yes I told him what I'm blogging about right now.....despite his protests the TV will be off once Uncle Jessie and crew wrap up their latest adventure and hug it out.)

So think about this in your own life. How much more time do you really have in your day once you turn off and away from the electronics?

Food for thought.

One Organized Mama