Monday, December 3, 2012

Quick Tip: Utensil Drawer

So picture're preparing dinner, friends are over, wine is flowing......then all of sudden you hear a horrendous CRASH!

Disaster has struck. Your utensil drawer finally gave out and fell inside the cabinet.

Yes folks, this happened to me.

We love to entertain therefore we have approximately 4,000 forks, spoons, knives......(those cool little gadgets that the Pampered Chef lady told me I'd use everyday).....and our large kitchen drawer just couldn't handle it anymore.

So my drawer sat on top of my counter for four days until I could find a solution.

Then BINGO! Here it is:

I took the extra (nicer) utensils, grouped them in fours, and secured them with rubber bands.

Then I placed them in a plastic container to store in a cabinet for use when we have company.


So this saves my drawers from being weighted down and averts further utensil drawer disasters in the future!

One Organized Mama

DISCLAIMER: I LOVE Pampered Chef by the way! I use and love their products and have been a fan for years!! No Pampered Chef host's were meant to be harmed during this blog post.


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