Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Pantries

Here are a few reasons why having your kitchen pantry organized is essential in managing your time and wallet:
  • Putting groceries away is quick when every item has a pre-designated spot!
  • Prevents over-buying....."I could have sworn I had baking powder somewhere......"
  • Grouping like items makes tasks such as baking/coffee making/washing dishes easier.
  • Creates space to see items easier including expiration dates, areas that need to be wiped down, and items that are running low.
  • Preparing meals is simple when you can just grab and cook.....or grab and put in lunch box!
  • Most importantly having a well organized pantry can save you money!!! You'll find meal planning, trips to grocery store, and less food waste when you take the steps to get your pantry in order!
Breakfast items on top and coffees/teas on bottom make busy mornings less hectic.

Jars/canisters are a great place to store crackers to keep them fresh and accessible!

Cans in one spot...snacks in another. Baskets make keeping small snack items organized and in one neat place!

I have two wonderful friends who were my inspiration to organize my kitchen pantry.

I think of my friend Julie who is uber organized in her kitchen and likes to have every label facing outward so she can see the names of every item.We've had many laughs about it, but it helps keep her organized!!

Kim has a lunch box system where she places items for her children's lunches in different baskets. When it's time to pack lunches the kiddos grab items they like and make their own school lunches! A great idea to keep lunch items organized and helps kids to be more self sufficient!

Brilliant ideas from brilliant women!!!

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