Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Conquering The Second Shift!

It's five o'clock and whether you work outside the home, from your home, or home is your full time job.....it's likely you have a full evening ahead of you!

The "Second Shift" defined by Slang Dictionary is the "shift" of work handled by women at home, consisting of housework. (The "first shift" being their job.)

How do you get a healthy dinner prepared, homework completed, kids shuttled around town, and everything else completed?

Well take a deep breath One Organized Mama has some suggestions!
  • Plan Meals- I plan only 2-3 meals max ahead of time and make frequent "quick trips" to grocery store to pick up items during the week.
  • Dinner Preparation- While I'm preparing tonight's meal I am doing as much prep work as possible for tomorrow night's dinner. Recipe calls for chopped onions?? Well I chop ONCE, use tonight, then save rest for tomorrow!
  • Prepare Lunches- Dinner prep/clean up is a perfect time to pack those lunches! You're already in the kitchen and often times leftovers can go from table, to container, to your lunch box!
  • Turn Off the Television- For heaven's sake there's already enough noise and chaos.....the less distractions the better!
  • Get Everyone Involved- Not just for setting the table and clearing it....although that's a must for kids in our house. Get older sibling to help younger ones with homework. You'd be surprised at the fights this has stopped with my two older ones!

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