Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting started...

So as I've said we moved into a new home last month. In the midst of this gigantic move...with five people it WAS truly gigantic! The first project I chose was my own bathroom area. Friends and family kept coming by wanting to look at our new casa and as our tour rounded the corner into the Master Bath area I'd find myself apologizing for the box of tampons and other personal products sitting there in plain view for all to see! Oy!

So, here is what the before photos looked like~

Not to mention the counter top which had my most used products scattered about which made it "easier" to find things as I got ready in the mornings.

And the medicine cabinet that hardly had anything......

So I decided to jump in! The entire project took me less than an hour! Here are the steps I took:

1. Remove all items from the cabinets and counter tops and wipe everything down with a damp cloth.

2. Group all like items on bathroom floor culling out old products and trash (make sure to have a trash bag nearby.)

3. Place most used items in medicine cabinet for easy accessibility. This is is the result:
4. Start grouping other items and placing them underneath cabinet. and in drawers. I am a big fan of utilizing baskets that you receive as gifts and using them for this purpose. It makes it easier to keep like items together.

Note~the shelving in the back right of the photo is the only item I purchased for this project. It's a 3-tiered shelf I purchased ($14.99) from The Container Store for organizing cans in your kitchen cabinets. Works great for under bathroom sinks too!

5. Once everything is grouped in like items: hair products, lotions, first aid items, lint rollers, etc it's rather easy to then make a home for them.

6. Lastly, the counter top I feel should be clear except for a few small items. I think the perfume bottles are pretty enough to display.

Stay tuned for further updates on this project! I have a few more ideas and will share soon.

Current time on project:45 minutes
Current $$ spent: $14.99

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