Monday, July 16, 2012

A little about me....

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Janel Ashurst and I am a very proud mother of three...four if you include the dog! ;-)

My life is busy! I currently work outside of home and am building my new dream career as a professional organizer!

I am thrilled for the experience of sharing my business and helping you!

My experience began in the trenches as a former military spouse with 8 moves in 13 years under my belt and learning how to fit a household into many different spaces.

Several years ago I found myself a single mother and downsizing my life was essential. I managed to do it proudly and efficiently!

Since then I have met the love of my life, Jorge and joining our lives together was yet another feat in organizing! Taking his belongings and merging them with make "ours" took a lot of time, culling through boxes, and finding a place for everything. We are still a "work in progress" but who isn't?

I found through these life experiences how much I LOVE to organize! It is like putting random pieces of a puzzle together to create a comfortable and wonderful environment!

One Organized Mama was created after much thought and consideration to take my passion and create my own business!

I am thrilled to watch my business grow and even more so to see my clients happy with the progress we create together in their homes and lives!

If you live in the Las Vegas area One Organized Mama can assist you with any of the following areas of your home or life:

  • Organizing any room (garages/closets/storage/kitchens/children's rooms and more!)
  • Organizing paperwork and creating an effective file system
  • Time management techniques (meal/grocery planning, creating a schedule, etc)
  • Creative ideas to incorporate into your home (fun and creative labeling systems)

Meghan, Scout, and Baby James in background
The 3 Musketeers!

Contact me anytime with questions about organizing and time management techniques!

Thank you for your support!




  1. Great introduction!! I'm so excited for you and am trying to decide what part of my house needs organizing first! lol

    Love ya!

    1. Why thank you!!! Let me know what I can help you with! I'd love to use you as one of my guniea pigs and post the project on my blog!

      It would be fun too!

      Love ya too!