Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Check out this SUPER Organized Mama!!

I've put a call out to my friends whom I consider to be SUPER Organized Mamas!

These are the women in my life who have it together and know how to keep it together!!

Especially true are the amazing MILITARY SPOUSES out there! Moving from home to home every two years takes ingenious and creative minds to make those cinder block walls a home.

Take my friend Julie, for instance....she has moved with her husband and children from the coast of California to the continent of Africa where they are currently stationed.

Julie shares with us her little tricks to being One Super Organized Mama!

Ok when I packed this in Africa, I thought it was great. When I opened it the next day in Germany, I scared myself and took this pic. Cue the scary Berlioz music...

I do LOVE the LLBean suitcase organizers; I'll never apologize for (having three sets...) those! It is good for flying knowing that TSA touched my undies! Shoe bags are good too. Only if I'm especially OCD that day do I care about folding underwear, so these went from dryer to suitcase. Don't judge me... :)

Julie has organized a KID CABINET...(brilliant!!) Lets Mom and Dad sleep in Saturday mornings and kids can get themselves breakfast!!

Julie uses baskets, and stacking shelves to keep things tidy and maximize her space!
(I always love how you can see every label in her kitchen.....LOVE that about her!!)

 A HUGE thank you for sharing Julie!!!

If you have organizing photos, ideas, or tricks you'd like to share email me at



  1. Janel, The thing I do during a PCS that has saved me the most frustration is zip-tying my hangers together. When movers pack hangers, they just shove them all into one box and you spend hours untangling them all. I zip tie them together in groups of about 12 and then just snip, snip and I'm ready to start hanging. Never underestimate the power of a zip tie!

    1. Linda was a AWESOME idea!! A little effort that alleviates headaches down the road!

      I tell ya MILITARY WIVES are simply the most creative and inspiring women I know!

      Thanks for sharing and if you have more ideas, photos, I'd love to share them on my blog! Email me at

      Miss ya!