Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Toys, toys, and more toys! OH MY!!!

Our family had a blessed Christmas and the toy chests are living proof! Thanks to loving aunties, uncles, nanas, papas, and friends the kids received many wonderful gifts!

We keep a collection of my toddler's toys in our family room. Well no matter how much I sang, "Clean Up! Clean Up!" the after Christmas haul was becoming invasive!
Too overwhelming for playtime!

Even the poor monkey cube is literally vomiting toys!

So I had to come up with a plan....and QUICK!

I did a little shopping at my favorite store.....if you're a regular reader of my blog you know what that is.....(hint: BULLS EYE ya got it!)

Since the space is in a room where visitors to our home see I did not want it to look like a toy room. I tried to find a balance between a cozy space for my little one and me not wanting to look at unsightly toy bins.

The first step was to cull through the toys and donate outgrown (but not un-loved!) toys to a local charity donation site.

I found these storage cubes and I could live with this style in my living room.

These light weight cubes are a great disguise for little toys. My little one acts genuinely surprised when he opens them up to find his toys!
I placed like items in each to make clean up easier.
I found smaller matching open top containers that were the perfect size for books and smaller items.

Utilizing the space on the shelves....since I had previously taken their contents off when baby-proofing. I added a few more toys so it looked fun but not overrun.

Here is the result! A space any toddler would like to play in and any mom can live with!
For help organizing your little munchkin's space contact One Organized Mama!
One Organized Mama

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