Monday, January 21, 2013

Don't Put It Down...Put It Away!

We've all been there. We walk in the door from a long day out and unconsciously drop our things by the door.

Checking the mail, kids coming home from school, your husband's "dumping ground" where the change from his pocket, receipts, etc fall into a pool of eventual clutter.

In order to maintain an organized environment and avoid the chaos and early morning panic, "Where's my binder/wallet/keys...!" a little discipline needs to be integrated into your household and routine.

Don't Put It Down, Put It Away.

A few quick tips will help you do this.
  • Designate a temporary "landing zone" for your family. These items MUST be dealt with and put away the same day.
  • If checking the mail is your routine as soon as you come home consider only checking it when you have the time to deal with it. Avoids paper clutter.
  • Follow the four steps to creating an organized environment. (DECLUTTER, MAKE A HOME, LABEL, MAINTAIN).
Taking the few extra moments to put items away will bring you a little bit of peace in the long run!

Happy Organizing!
One Organized Mama

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