Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Junk drawers are my ultimate pet peeve. They are unnecessary and PLEASE don't tell me you can find items in there.

For the first part of our relationship I was okay with my husband having one junk drawer.

This was it.

Mixed in this mess, I found receipts from three years prior, a washcloth, and my birth certificate.

So I made him a deal. If he could name five things that were in this abyss of junk, then he could keep his drawer.

He could not.

Relax....I didn't pull a "Mommy Dearest" on the poor guy. Instead, I opted for a compromise that still works today.

I placed this chest with its multiple drawers near the garage door and designated one drawer as a  quick "landing zone".

So keys, sunglasses, and other items automatically go in the drawer . No more "where are my keys??!!" panic. 

As I mentioned in my blog post, "Culprits of Organizing", consider buying furniture such as this piece that contain storage options. It's a great way to hide unsightly items and keep things neat and tidy!

Happy Organizing!
One Organized Mama

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