Friday, January 4, 2013

The "Make Your Bed" Theory

As I help my clients through the organizing processes I realize the key to maintaining order in your home and life is to create good habits.

I'm calling this the "Make Your Bed" theory.

In order to succeed at any goal, you must choose good habits. Those habits are fueled by discipline.

For example, in order to lose weight you must choose to eat healthy and exercise. We all know that is fueled by good ol' fashioned discipline.

When working towards any goal it is important to start small. This is why making your bed is important in beginning your organizing journey.

"Why make your bed when you're going to mess it up in a few hours??" Ask my children......and maybe some of you.

Here's why.

It will make you feel better. You will feel productive. You will create one space in your home that is neat and in order and I promise that does A LOT for your peace of mind.

If you can begin doing this one task, on a daily basis you can begin to add other habits slowly to get your house and life in order.

Give it a try. Make your bed every morning. Before you know it you've created a good habit for yourself and your home.

Have a great day!
One Organized Mama

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