Saturday, January 12, 2013

4 Steps To Organize Anything



ü Place items in one of three piles: TRASH/DONATE/KEEP

ü Start small. One room or one pile at a time.

ü Make quick decisions. Don’t dwell. If it’s unused or unwanted it must go.


ü Make a home for every item in your home. (This can help determine if the item is something worth keeping.)

ü Keep items near where they are used. Filing system near incoming mail bin, school supplies near homework area, spices near stove, etc.

ü Keep like items together. Baking supplies, holiday decorations, books by category (travel, cooking, finance…).

ü Store frequently used items in accessible shelves/cabinets. Items used less frequently in high cabinets or in back.


ü Labeling helps everyone know where items belong.

ü Use inexpensive labels or masking tape. Just make sure it does not damage surface you’re placing it on.

ü When items are labeled clean up is quick and easy.

ü For cabinets with multiple items a quick reference list can be placed inside cabinet door.

ü Create a quick and easy alphabetical file system to keep track of where items are stored.


ü Delegate household chores. A little maintenance done each day keeps your home/office neat and tidy.

ü Set a timer for as little as five minutes per chore/room for quick clean up. When the timer dings move on!

ü Be disciplined. To begin a disciplined routine consider the “Make Your Bed” theory. **
**Check out my previous blog post on the "Make Your Bed" theory.

Happy Organizing!

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