Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fave product: 3M Command Hooks

One of my favorite products on the market are the 3M Command Hooks. These are especially great for organizing inside closet and cabinet doors, space that is under utilized. Another great feature is the ability the command adhesive has if you need to reposition your hook....without damaging your surface.

Remember every item should have a place where it belongs to make clean up quick and easy.

Inside a hall closet so that every item from the dog leash to your purse has a place to call home!

Also, store items near where you use them most.

Pot holders stored in a cabinet near your oven puts them in easy reach when needed.

Towels near tub for "tub time".
Do your stuff a favor, stick a hook up, and create a home for a homeless item.

Happy Organizing My Friends!

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