Monday, February 25, 2013

The Glass Of Water...

I came across one of those emails people forward that mentioned if you hold an 8 oz. glass of water in your hand for a few minutes you hardly notice. Continue to hold that same glass of water for longer and your arm becomes uncomfortable. If you continue to hold the glass of water for hours then you have an issue. Your hand and arm become fatigued and in pain. The point of the email was to compare the glass of water to stress. The longer you hold onto stress the more fatigued you become and the pain it can inflict on your body.

That message stuck with me. As a former non-organized person I remember the stress of having stuff and no place for it.

The glass of water reminds me of the stuff we sometimes fill our lives with. When that stuff gets to be too much or we hold on to it for too long it can cause a tremendous amount of stress for us.

My job as a professional organizer is to help people face the stuff they've collected, make decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of, and create an environment where they can enjoy their space in a stress-free productive way.

So if you have an issue with holding on to "stuff" and it is causing you stress then it may be time to call for some professional organizing assistance.

My personal organizing sessions provide you with compassion, honesty, hard work, and someone who has been in your shoes.

Call me to get started!

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