Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kids Linen Closets

My three children share one linen closet and it can get out of control quickly. I had to think "easy and functional" as opposed to "Martha Stewart pretty" when organizing it.

As with any organizing project the first question I had to ask was, "What is the purpose/need for this space?"

The purpose and need for these particular closet is for the kids to quickly grab their bedding or towels without messing the rest of the closet's contents. For instance, instead of culling through piles of sheets looking for the pair for their bed, I needed to make each kid their own space for their bedding.

Once the purpose and need are determined remember my four steps to organize anything:

The first two steps are DECLUTTER and MAKE A HOME.

I took all the items out that did not relate to their bedding and bathrooms.

Extra pillows on top, sleeping bags for sleepovers at easy reach, and bathroom essentials on the bottom.

The third step is to LABEL.

I took card stock and sticky labels, wrote down what belonged in that space , and stuck to shelves with a double-sided sticky dot. (Note: Make sure the adhesive you use does not damage your shelves or walls!!) 
Label even the most obvious items. The hope is to avoid having to say, "It's right in front of you!!" over and over again....(you can hope). 

Once the items are in their place and labeled it will be easier for all to MAINTAIN. Kids can help put away and keep items in their place as well as help themselves to the items they need for their bedroom and bathroom.
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Happy Organizing!

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